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Planning your vacation in Dubrovnik

Whether you are sightseeing, shopping, or just relaxing, Dubrovnik has it all. The Kusalo Guesthouse recommends that
you visit the following places during your vacation in Dubrovnik:

  • Old City Walls
  • Roland's Column
  • Bell Tower
  • Sponza Palace
  • Rector's Palace
  • Pile Gate
  • Placa Stradun
  • Big Onofrio´s Fountain
  • Old Port
  • Fort Lovrijenac
  • Lokrum Island
  • Banje Beach
  • Lapad Beach

If you have limited time in Dubrovnik, we would be delighted to help you customise your visit.

Old City Walls
Walk on the walls around the old town. We strongly recommend that you visit the walls during the early morning hours or the late afternoon hours, as it can become hot during the day.

Dubrovnik is surrounded by city walls which are 2km long, and for which it is famous all around the world. Throughout history the city walls offered protection from the enemy. Today Dubrovnik city walls attract visitors from the whole world who want to see this city museum for themselves.

There are three entrances to the City Walls:

  • on Stradun by the Pile gate.
  • by Saint John’s Fort.
  • at the Custom’s House gate.

Within the city walls you will see Fort Minceta and St. John’s Fort on the south-eastern side. Also, within the city walls are Fort Lawrence at Pile and Fort Revelin at Ploce. The main entrance to the city walls is by the Inner Pile Gates.

The entrance price for these amazing views of the whole Dubrovnik also includes sightseeing of some forts and towers inside the walls:

  • Minceta Fort is one of the most beautiful cultural attractions in Dubrovnik. It is situated on the northwest side of the city inside the City Walls. It was built according to the design of Renaissance builder Juraj Dalmatinac.
  • St. Luke’s Tower you can see by walking along the landward side of City Walls up to Ploce Gate. St. Luke’s Tower through the history protected the entrance to the Dubrovnik harbour.
  • St. John’s Fort was constructed in 16th century and it is really worth visiting. On its ground floor you can visit the Aquarium, and on first and second floor you can visit the Maritime Museum.
  • Bokar Fort is situated on the seaward side of the city walls. It was designed by Florentine architect Michelozzi in the 15th century.

Roland's Column
In front of the Bell Tower. A slender stone flag staff of the legendary knight. Also known as Orlando's Column. Ever since its foundation in 1950, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival is officially opened by raising a flag (carrying the city's motto LIBERTAS) on Orlando's staff.

Bell Tower
After the Ploce entrance to the city. On top of the tower are the famous 'Zelenci' (The Green Ones), bronze statues which strike the gigantic bell every hour. They have been recently replaced with copies and the originals are in the atrium of the Sponza Palace.

Sponza Palace
West of the Bell Tower. Gothic Renaissance palace, one of the few buildings that has maintained its form from before the catastrophic 1667 earthquake. Hosts historic archives. Memorial room of defenders.

Rector's Palace
Formerly the palace of the Major Council, now houses a museum dedicated to the city's history.

Pile Gate
At the beginning of the Placa Stradun. The most convenient starting place for your stroll through the City is Pile. Before entering the Old City, Lovrjenac Fort is the first among many sites worth seeing in Dubrovnik.

Placa Stradun
The Stradun is the central street of the city of Dubrovnik and is the place where the old city comes to life. During the day, explore the shades of the peripendicular streets and alleys on its sides During the night, take a stroll up and down the Stradun with an ice-cream in hand.

The uniform Baroque architecture of the houses in Placa, with shops on the street level and their 'knee-like' entrances, got its present-day form in the restoration of the City which took place after the disastrous earthquake in 1667, when a large number of luxurious Gothic and Renaissance palaces were destroyed. The architectural design of Placa reveals effective solutions and the business sense of the Dubrovnik Republic in those difficult times.

Today, Placa Stradun is still the main shopping centre and venue of major events.

Big Onofrio´s Fountain
In the western (Pile) entrance of the old town. The fountain stairs are nowadays a favourite meeting place, where both the tourists and pigeons take rest and refresh themselves with cool water.

Old Port
A part of the Old Town of Dubrovnik.

Fort Lovrijenac
The monumental fort rises above 37 meters high rock. It changed roles in the course of history. The main purpose of its construction was defense, and the main idea was to protect the freedom of Dubrovnik.

Lokrum Island
Take a ferry to the Island of Lokrum, which boasts a monastery, a fort with great views of Dubrovnik, botanical gardens, and a naturist beach. Preserved as a Nature Park, this small island is reachable in 10 minutes by boat from the old city port. It offers unparalleled serenity, beauty and peace. A definite must see.

Banje Beach
A well located pebble beach. There is a concessioned part with an entrance fee, but also a public part which is always livelier and more relaxed. A great way to beat the heat in the middle of the town. Banje Beach is in the vicinity of the Old Town. This big pebble beach offers amazing views of the city walls, Old Town Dubrovnik and the island of Lokrum.

Lapad Beach
A sandy beach where you can relax in the shade of the numerous trees. At the end of long pathway full of cafe bars and restaurants you will see many popular pebble beaches known as Lapad beaches. These beaches are really beautifu. Lapad is definitely one of the most beautiful parts of Dubrovnik and you really must visit it.

If you take the headland path to the right hand side of Lapad beach, as you look at the Adriatic, you can walk along a charming little coast path with small concrete 'beaches' and ladders into the sea. These were installed during the Tito era and are ideal for one or two sunbathers.


Dubrovnik City Walls

Dubrovnik City Walls

View from Dubrovnik City Walls

Bell Tower

Pile Gate

Placa Stradun

Old Port

Lokrum Island

Banje Beach

Lapad Beach


































































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